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English: Me RunningYes, I’m running away from home.

In a manner of speaking.

And visiting my younger brother and his wife … to celebrate her significant birthday.

Who knew the 39th was a significant one?

At any rate, I’m not saying where exactly I’m going but, hey, look, here is another one of those meme things …

what-my-friends-think-i-do-what-i-actually-do-san-franciscoFWIW, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about moving on. In many ways.

Chatted with a friend at length recently about it even. Kidded about running off together. Yeah. Like that would ever happen.

And for the life of me, I can’t think of a single reason to return here.

Oh. Except to return the suitcase I borrowed. I guess I’d have to do that, huh?

1016287_409269169208925_2118109696_nWell, the bags are packed … I’m ready to go. Wasn’t there a song something like that back in my youth and childhood?

It should be an interesting few days.

Maybe I will get around to posting some pictures here. Not sure I will be able to do much more. Can’t even promise that I’ll do that much.

1510896_400342286768280_195485030_nBut I will be thinking of you all … seriously.

And being really glad I’m not anywhere near ice and snow and cold.