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Yeah. It has been. Seriously.

From start to finish. Totally strange.

1779785_10152022827556379_9150924_nFirst it was the meme about memes.

And I was just about to start cranking those suckers out.

But of course *mine* would be totally new and impressive.

Wildly creative.

Great fun.

Not the “horse beat to death” ones you have seen.

By the way, the advice in this meme doesn’t just apply to horses. It also works with politicians, moral outrage and kittens.

Then the whole online dating site thing.

Yesterday an exceedingly cool, terribly funny, quite good-looking, totally off beat man reached out to me on one of the sites.

In other words, just my type.

So I spent the better part of yesterday and this morning emailing back and forth.

Until a few minutes ago.

You know how they say something that … just … doesn’t … sound … right? Well this was one of those.

And unlike the ones of the recent weeks that I have written about here … and a few I have not written about … this one had me hooked.

Karma coming back to bite me, I guess.

Years ago I said to a friend “why do people yank my chain so much?”

His response?

“Because it hangs out so far!”

So I went out to read some articles online. And came up with this headline.

“Family Eats LSD-Tainted Meat, Goes Home With a New Brother”

That’s it.

I’m done.

I quit.

The world has officially lost its mind.

I think it is time to escape from reality and go watch something previously recorded on the old DVR.

Gotta be better than reality today.

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