Rereading this. Sharing with a friend. Memories.

Happy Holly Project

The month is done … as is the WordPress NaPoWriMo project. And the Camp NaNoWriMo project. And for the part that I put out here for every day of the month, it was fun.

So for anyone who wishes to read it in its entirety, I decided to take one more day … one day beyond the end of the formal NaPoWriMo … and put all the verses here, back to back.

After all, it was NaNoWriMo that got me started in all this writing in the first place in November of 2011. 11/1/11 … the day that will live in infamy. At least for me.

There is a Category for those who may want to read in parts. And the Featured Image I created is at the top of this and all of those blog pages.

Some days have additional poetic creations, but all follow the form I imposed upon…

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