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“The founder envisioned a market for “overeducated, underpaid” shoppers”.

I KNEW I loved Tradoer Joe’s for a reason!

I am SO glad there is one nearby that I can stop at before and after radio shifts! It is so much fun to shop at!!

Just saw a very fun link out there that outlines 16 reasons you might love Trader Joe’s, the store that feels like home … but with food.

I learned a few things reading the reasons the 16 Fearless Flyer Facts about TJ’s.

Beside that whole “Over-educated, Under-paid” thing … which I highly identify with.

The whole attitude of the store makes me happy when I go in there. The people are happy. Their attitude is relaxed. And the whole experience is just plain fun for me.

Their cool brands? With quirky names? National brands. Good national brands. With the “middle man” cut out.

It’s the secret Trader Joe’s would rather you not know: Well-known manufacturers make its products, then sell them under the company’s sub brands at a significant discount. Why? Because they want to be in Trader Joe’s, and they’re willing to play along to do so. TJ’s doesn’t publicize its vendor relationships, and manufacturers are sworn to secrecy, so enterprising food journalists have run taste tests to connect the dots.That white cheddar mac and cheese you love? It’s probably made by Annie’s Homegrown.

o4And you can try pretty much everything in the store before you buy. The first place I hit on entering is the Free Sample area in the back of the store.

Recently when I asked about a certain brand of Potato Chip that I like (Wise), before you knew it the gal was ripping open a bag of chips for me to try.

If you’re not sure about those chocolate-covered potato chips (though why wouldn’t you be?), ask a store employee for a sample. You can try pretty much anything before you buy, with the exception of foods that need to be prepared (pasta, cake mix, frozen meals), and liquor.

AAdIDcK.imgI also learned that every store has a hidden plastic lobster. Who knew?

There are so many reasons I love this place.

From their quirky foods to their low prices to their easy-going nature. All of that. Recently I discovered another reason to like them.

AAdJ8KY.imgTheir flowers.

Yes they have flowers. And yes that is the first thing you see as you enter the Trader Joe’s near me.

But that’s not why I say I love them because of it.

For those of you who read my blog post yesterday, you will know that my Mom died a few weeks ago.

Well, part of the “… And died after many days with my brother and I sitting daily at her side …” part happened at the Hospice Unit at a hospital in Pittsburgh. Words cannot describe the excellence of that staff … but that’s a post for another time maybe.

In that Hospice Unit, each and every room had a vase of fresh flowers.

The entrance, each nurses area, each sitting area, each small meditation room … all of them … each had a vase of fresh flowers.

And those flowers? They were donated regularly by the local Trader Joe’s store.

I already was a fan. Now I’m a devoted champion of the place.