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Yes. A Bat.

No. Not the Baseball kind.

But more on that in a minute. For now, let me wax poetic about all the cool changes I have done to the site here. Or rather some which are about to be made and two which have already been made.

The ones to be completed in the next few days are the ones having to do with my friends, my story … and my pictures. Something about those horrible looking pictures from yesterday inspired me to put out pictured of what I usually look like … as opposed to the wind tossed, heat frazzled, wearing my old three sizes too large clothes pictures from yesterday.

My friend Toozie Of The Makeovers will be pleased.

But there are two other minor changes which I made to the CSS of this site … that’s geek-speak for almost to impossible to notice, but easy to change. And actually, I will see if any of you are sharp enough to spot the two areas of change and comment below.

Now about the bat.

This technically happened today, since it occurred after midnight. And although, technically, the event did not make me particularly happy, writing about the event does.

I was minding my own business at the time. Laying in bed as I often do with my trusty Netpad on my lap. Either watching short clips on the internet, or answering emails or, as I was doing last night, writing things on Facebook.

Since I just recently got over fifty followers to this blog (and thank you for that) I have been paying more attention to it all. And I was responding to a nice note from a friend. More on that in a minute.

While typing away I heard a sound across the room and glanced up just in time to see a dark spot falling down the far wall and into the basket of sheets below. Now that struck me as odd.

Unless of course it was just a moth. Or I was seeing things … for the first time in my life. Must be a moth. A really, really big moth. And I went back to typing.

Suddenly I heard a noisy flapping sound and looked up to see, rising from the basket like a phoenix, a huge flapping, flying, swooping, bouncing off the wall … what? … a bird? Who ever heard of a bird out past midnight? Didn’t he know about his curfew?

Trying to focus my stunned eyes on the creature as it flailed against the side wall, as my adrenaline rose to an all time high, I realized there was more than a slight chance that this was not a bird. And it certainly wasn’t a plane or superman.

But it could be … a bat.

You know, bats? As in Vampire bats? As in getting caught in your hair bats? As in my hair was still frazzled beyond belief thanks to the rides on the Roller Coaster bats?

Flapping around frenetically … the bat … not me … yet … I let out a not quite ear-splitting shriek, which inspired said bat to stop flailing against the wall and start swooping around the room and toward my head.

I immediately did what any sane woman in the same situation would do. I grabbed my netpad and dove under the covers. More specifically I pulled the covers up over my head and hid.

Listening to the bat swooping and flapping and circling my frozen covered body, I looked down at the netpad in front of me, envisioning it as my sole means of calling out the troops.  And I saw what was on my screen.

Enter my old friend Jeanne … she’s not old … our friendship is. We went to High School together, and College together. She has been in various plays since High School and currently stars in Community Theatre productions. Plus she was close friends with some Band buddies of mine and … well the fact is Jeanne loves bats.

Not just “Oh how cute” loves bats, but “Please look at this picture, support this cause, phooey on the evil windmills” loves bats.

And I was in the process of sending Jeanne the Bat Lover a bat related response on Facebook when the intruder appeared in my bedroom and I grabbed the netpad to hide.

What a coincidence.

Then I looked down at the netpad.

The message had been sent. It vaguely resembled the following:

Good to hear this Jeanne! I will certainly  bn l;’ [po]

This is what happens when you grab a netpad in haste and inadvertently send the message.

I instantly sprang into action and typed a specific expletive deleted … five times.

The rest of my message pretty much included ” I am not sure whether it is a bird or a bat that just flew into my bedroom … I am under the covers.” and “i can hear the sucker right by me.” and “this is bad karma here”.

I continued hiding under the covers, occasionally batting and kicking them upwards … just in case he decided to land on them for a rest.

But, you know, it starts to get pretty hot on a summer’s day, hidden under the covers … so when it got quiet … for a long time … I timidly poked my head out. I had heard him flapping around the lamp on my bedstand so I looked there first.

Seeing nothing I covered my mouth with my hand … just in case … and looked cautiously around the rest of the room for any upside down hanging visitors.


So I retrieved my netpad, took a huge breath of fresh air, relaxed, turned and reached to put the light out and go to sleep.

When I saw it.

Snuggled down beside my lamp and radio on the bedstand. A small furry brown creature. Fur. Not feathers. Not moving.

But I was … Rapidly.

I grabbed my netpad and the phone and quickly exited the room … knocking down one set of curtains from a wide open window as I left.

“Not moving” I thought. “Just my luck. The sucker probably died on me. And I’ll have to get it out … with a towel … or something.”

But just in case, I opened every window on the second floor and retreated to the first floor to try to sleep on the love seat. Hey, all I’d have to deal with down there was an occasional field mouse. And it’s not cold enough for them to come inside yet.

And I found myself thinking two things. First, it wasn’t all that horrible looking … it was almost cute. And second, I wished I had gotten a picture of it. But not enough to go back up in search of it again.

I got a surprisingly good nights sleep there … and rose to a Facebook message from Jeanne the Bat Lover.

“HGH, does this little guy look like something that terrorized you from the closet?  :-)” she wrote, with the accompanying photo.

Well, actually if you eliminate the ears and the face and only look at it from the angle of where the knuckles are … absolutely … positively … even the same color (well my little guy was a smidge darker I think). I guess he was headed away from me on the bedstand and I was getting a rear view …

The picture that more closely resembles what I saw would be more like this one here.

The furry end of it.

Thank goodness.

And it was only as big as the one on the right. I think they are called Small Brown Bats.

Innocent sounding enough, no?

But reality is that while he was swooping and flapping and settling in a foot from my head, what I saw in my mind’s eye more resembled this.

Sorry Jeanne.

She also said “I would have loved to see the little fellow!  Did he/she just finally fly out?  Did he/she need to be coaxed?  Please tell me he/she was OK!!!”

Nice to know she is so concerned about me …

I assured her that I was too busy flapping my arms, grabbing my netpad and running out the door to do any coaxing. And assured her that no bats were harmed in the making of the events for this blog entry.

“I’m glad you didn’t go after Bat #1  with Bat #2!” she replied.

Me too. That would have been awful to clean up … I mean … that would have been awful for the cute little guy.

Again, does this stuff only happen to me? Someone told me there was a story on CNN about bats this morning. Again, the coincidences.

And I recalled two other folks in the area here recently who have had unexpected bat visitors in their houses.  So maybe they are scoping out new digs.

All I know is that I am not going to leave that hall window wide open any more when I go to bed.

I don’t care how hot it is.