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… well … how exactly do you know?

And what is a Frankenstorm anyway?

In all of the years of my young life here, I don’t recall ever hearing this term. A new meteorological term, perhaps.

My mind wanders back to my youth … really my youth … as in I was in the third or fourth grade … as in I rode dinosaurs to school each day … as in I walked in the snow, rain and sleet to … well, you get the picture. A long time ago.

And I wanted to be a weatherman. Set aside that slight inconvenience that girls could not become men, and that girls certainly did not grow up to become weathermen.

If I recall correctly, I knew the correct term was Meteorologist. And besides, I was more interested in the maps and gauges and such than being on television talking about the stuff.

Patient parents purchased a basic weather kit … thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, water collector … and it was probably for my brother anyway, but I was the one who wanted to understand isobars and whatnot.

Reality is that it never transformed into a meteorological career. After all, I also was interested in being a cartographer, a geologist, a cryptologist and later, an architect.

It seems I was destined to have what is now called a non-traditional job.

But that was back in the day when girls had three main choices for a career. The three main food groups as it were. Nurse, Secretary or Teacher.

I hated cleaning up after people and couldn’t type … and could not imagine a use for the Multiplication and Division tables I had just learned unless I became a Math Teacher. So Math Teacher was my choice.

Until I discovered what little monsters the students could be. That’s when I veered into something more akin to cryptology … I joined IBM.

But I digress.

Each day here recently I am reading about a phenomenon called a Frankenstorm. A Perfect Storm, the National Weather Service is calling it.

And what is so perfect about it anyway? Like a Perfect Martini?

Perfect Storm Recipe – Take one Arctic Front, add one Hurricane, plus one High Pressure System … stir gently … and voila … you get a Perfect Storm.

Something like With Three You Get Eggroll, maybe?Homage to Texas Linda from Galveston ... Specially designed Hurricane-proof building co...

Then you take one Perfect Storm add two doses of Mass Hysteria, a Slow News Day and one Upcoming Ghostly Holiday and you have … A Frankenstorm.

Sounds spooky. Have to soften it a bit. Frankenstorm Sandy. Much better.

And how to prepare for Frankenstorm Sandy? Well, it all depends on where you live. Here in the mountains … hills if you will … of Pennsylvania, it requires a check of firewood if you have a fireplace, a few cans of something that can be eaten without benefit of power, and fresh batteries for the flashlight … maybe.

In Maryland, I understand it is a call for frantic shelf clearing trips to the grocery store … or so I have been told. And in all those areas where provisions are being hoarded … has anyone figured out that without power, there are no microwaves or refrigerators?

I suppose true “preppers” … another made up term to describe those who are prepared perpetually for end times and catastrophes … are well stocked with matches, solar-powered radios and fuel … with an eye toward the neighbors woodpile.

As for me, I was just happy to have the roof fixed somewhat on the front room for the multiple inches of rain, a large bucket of salt and shovel for the two feet of snow, and the makings for a big pot of chili tomorrow … which can be eaten hot or cold over several days.

Hey, what’s the worst that can happen?

A tree falls on my house, and the insurance pays for a whole new roof. And I have lots of material for my blog here.

Oh wait.

How will I blog without power?

Now we have a disaster brewing.