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English: Animal - Fish - Varieties of Bettas -...… I have arrived.

I appear to have acquired an enemy of sorts with my Betta Fish posts. In the comments.

Go figure.

Gotta love controversy, eh?

Most folks take my posts … read them … laugh … notice the sarcasm font* … and move on.

This gal is apoplectic.

But hey … she called me “honey”.

Oh honey… You are so terribly ignorant… You ARE abusing your fish.

I remember a woman calling me a brainy brunette once … she somehow meant it as an insult.

Everyone laughed.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ongoing drama here, it started with a Betta Fish … whom I named Fred … and grew from there … culminating in the often hit blog entry “The Crazy Lady With The Bettas” … a tongue in cheek homage to The Crazy Lady With The Cats that lives at the end of most every street in Smalltown, USA.

Seems some folks take these little guys quite seriously.

But hey, on the other hand, I also heard from some folks I met this summer up at the lake in support. (Hi Robin! Hi Jenny!)

And in the midst of it all, someone hit the blog entry “I Support You Holly“. Probably my newest best friend enemy … in shock that someone actually supports me.

So I am a fish abuser, eh? Because I don’t have a dedicated five gallon tank for each Betta? And because I said I didn’t change the fish water completely every single week?

Microscopic view of a dust bunny.

Microscopic view dust bunny. (Wikipedia)

Guess that makes me a Dust Bunny Abuser too. I don’t dust under the beds every week either. Big Erma Bombeck fan here.

Maybe I should have a shirt made … you know … “Hi. I’m Holly and I’m a Betta Fish Abuser” with a picture of my smiling face surrounded by Fred, and Bert and Ernie.

Or maybe I’ll just go and read todays’ version of my favorite comic strip … Pearls Before Swine.


Indeed … nobody does … or the Betta Fish either.

Gotta go. I hear some disturbance outside. Hmm.

Looks like the Eastern American Troop of Supporters Having Ichthyology Tantrums. They appear to be arguing with the All National Dustbunny Devotees Idolizing Erma.

Of course it is.

Let he … or she … who hath ears … or eyes …

* FYI – The Sarcasm Font can be found between Helvetica and Times New Roman in your Official Font List. Also seen on a regular basis in the Happy Holly Project blog. Like today for example.