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No this is not a picture of my Betta FishYou Betta.

OK. Bad pun. Long day.

For those of you who are constant readers, you may know that I have fish.

A few fish.

Okay, several fish.

Several Betta Fish.

We will skip for a moment the fact that long before there were any fish in my house, I had recurring dreams involving huge fish tanks … several large hundred gallon tanks.

One for fresh water fish … one for salt water fish … one for piranhas and sharks. In some dreams they exploded. In others the fish got intermixed with disastrous results. In others they were just sitting there being pretty.

No clue.

Who else is haunted by dreams of fish? Really?

So in the recent past, I sought out the advice of other fish owners and the folks at the local pet store.

“Betta Fish live in mud puddles in Asia” they said.
“Betta Fish are solitary creatures” they said.
“Buy this plastic Betta Fish bowl … it takes less than a gallon” they said.

So I did.

And as you may already know, the fish idea / collection grew … and grew … and grew. Culminating in the often hit blog entry “The Crazy Lady With The Bettas“.

Now, truth be told, I am not crazy … although some would argue that on some days I suppose. But it’s not crazy in a bad way. I promise.

But for some reason my discussion of Betta Fish has drawn out the Betta Fish Protection Brigade … more than once … and it happened again today.

The first time it happened, I was quite upset.

Did research. (Betta Fish are hardy)
Answered comments. (mea culpa, etc)
Checked with my sister-in-law the Veterinarian. (although they could be in better tanks, this is not the end of the world … ignore the nasty comments.)

And, visiting my local pet store, I asked the Fish Lady about it all.

She laughed.

Now today it has happened again … as in:

Your fish are in horrid conditions.  You need to look up a basic betta care guide.  The general rule for fish is a gallon per inch and by that logic a betta should be in a minimum tank of 2-3 gallons.  Those can’t even be a gallon.  Do some research before you decide to “take care” of a living creature.

Well, I haven’t taken a fish survey. I guess I don’t obsessively change all the fish water on a weekly basis. I hear that they are spooked pretty easily. I’m thinking the bubble nests indicate they are reasonably happy and waiting for a Lady Betta Fish.

But her words seemed intense.

Fair enough. So I went to the Pet Store and talked again to the Fish Lady.
She laughed … again.

I asked my fish.
They looked for yummy food … which I gave them.

And I did some research.
Here on WordPress and out on the net.
And learned how they are shipped.

Gee, maybe they would be better in the spacious accommodations at the pet store.

To those who are wondering how a fish can survive in such little water, betta fish have the ability to breathe atmospheric air due to an organ called the labyrinth.

This organ allows them to live in the wild in areas where other fish would not be able to thrive like large puddles, slow moving streams and drains.

… And in the houses of Crazy Ladies With Bettas, it appears.