Nothing great happened today so I am writing about something that happened the other day.

And it caught me totally off guard.

I was telling the lady at the pet store how here on my blog I had an official enemy thanks to my betta fish … and how I was accused here of being a bad betta fish owner

Then the man who worked there filled me in on some information …

How betta fish get freaked out by lots of movement in the water … read: the filter that I was reprimanded for not having …

And how they shed their slime coats and their fins stick together if you change the water too much … read: the reprimand I got for missing a weekly water change …

Then I walked past the “things you can buy for your fish tank” section. And what did I see?

DSCN0379Nano Reef??

I have been running into NaNo this and NaNo that for the last several weeks. I am ramping up, as it were, for the NaNoWriMo … the month-long novel-writing extravaganza.

Maybe I can get the poor beleaguered betta fish there their very own NaNo something for November.

What’s that you say? Betta Reefs are for Salt Water Fish Tanks?

Yeah, that would really not go over well with the Betta Fish fans, I’m thinking.